My creative processes are rooted in explorations of traditional fiber practices and how they relate in the realm of metal. Knitting and weaving are art forms that are stereotypically seen as solely feminine and ‘crafty’. I aim to break past that limitation by uniting the idea of craft with fine art, as well as redefining ideologies of feminine art forms. Remolding perceptions and empowering women have a deep influence in my artwork and can be seen in the tedious detailing of its repetitive nature as well as the strong structures that result from that process.

The art of knitting entered my life during a time of physical healing in my life. While my initial experience with the art of knitting was for therapeutic means, and still carries some of those themes, now it is very time and labor intensive. Much like the fight between the two sides of a paradox, there is a lot of ‘give and take’ in my creative process: my hands endure some discomfort and build calluses, then the work becomes more manageable. Delicate and harsh, soft and hard, fluid and rigid, weak and strong: the paradoxes found in my creations echo those that arise in our daily human experiences. In the midst of these contradicting ideas, we may find our identities, as well as contentment in the unfolding.

Raised on the Gulf Coast in the city of Mobile, AL, I moved to Charleston, SC in 2011 to pursue my studies in the arts at the College of Charleston. I was an Art History major and a Studio Art major with a concentration in sculpture. In August of 2013, I broke my back in a traumatic accident while working in Northern California. I took up knitting as a way to cope with the long healing process. In the three and a half months I was clamped in a plastic shell, I knitted everyday. When I returned to continue my studies, I decided to combine my passion for sculpture with my new love of knitting.

After graduating, I began working out of Redux Contemporary Art Center and received the opportunities of having my work on display at the “Young Contemporaries” Exhibition at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art (April 2015), the “Silver vs. Gold Exhibition” at the Vendue Gallery (November 2015-April 2016), Redux Contemporary Art Center (April 2016), and was selected to be in ARTFIELDS 2016 in Lake City, SC. My work was also displayed in the “Umcommon Materials” Exhibition at LeMieux Gallery in New Orleans (October 2016), I had my first solo show at Harper Smith studio in Mobile, AL (November-December 2016), and was selected to be in ARTFIELDS 2017. 

My latest solo exhibition, "She(ll)", was on display at Beresford Studios in Charleston, SC from August 4-20, 2017. I am currently living in Brooklyn, NY and attending NYU Master's of Art Therapy graduate program. 


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